Introducing A Revolutionized Experience for Metal Enthusiasts! 🤟

Are you ready to dive headfirst into the world of heavy metal? LG Media, a publishing and ad network begun by Lambgoat, proudly presents the relaunch of! Founded by the legendary Metalhead Marv and helmed by Editor in Chief Lindsay Catling, this site is your daily destination for everything metal.

Our partnership with the creative minds behind the wildly popular This Day In Metal social media brands (Twitter | Facebook) has led to a complete redesign of the site. We've crafted an immersive experience that will satisfy your craving for all things metal.

Key Features of the Redesigned

Daily Dose of Metal History: Our dedicated team uncovers significant moments and events that happened on this day in metal history. Stay informed and never miss a beat!
Exclusive Interviews: Get up close and personal with your favorite bands and musicians as we bring you one-on-one interviews, offering insights into their lives and music.
Top 10 Countdowns: Discover the best of the best with our carefully curated top 10 lists, ranging from legendary albums to epic live performances.
In-Depth News Coverage: Stay updated on the latest happenings in the metal world with our comprehensive news section, featuring album releases, tour announcements, and more.
Enhanced User Experience: A revamped website offers seamless navigation, eye-catching visuals, and a mobile-friendly design, ensuring you can enjoy the best of metal anytime, anywhere.

Join now at for an unparalleled journey into the heart of heavy metal and hardcore. Experience the past, present, and future of metal like never before! 🎸